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Based in Michigan, it's no surprise that we've worked with the auto companies, but we have also worked with many other Fortune 500 companies; from some of the nations largest banks and brokerages to pharmaceuticals. Food and beverages to national healthcare organizations. Our portfolio of satisfied customers is as diverse as their needs.
IBM Business Partner
IBM truly has a diverse line up of tools and products. We focus on helping customers with their Power systems (AIX) and SAN storage. These technologies are ideal for large problems that need real horsepower, like monolithic Data Bases such as DB2 and Oracle. Or for compute intensive workloads like ERP application servers.
When scaling up isn't an option and scaling out makes sense or your needs don't warrent the big iron yet, Dell provides some very cost attractive solutions that can meet the needs of today's data center. The right solution for the job.
With the diversity of today's open source technology, often times you don't need to pay the fees for off the shelf solutions. Elegant budget friendly solutions can often be found at a fraction of the cost while still maintaining supportability, if you know where to look and have the skills to make it happen. We do.
Dell Partner
Open Source
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